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WoodCraft Joinery Supply & Fit High Quality Energy Rated Alu-Clad Windows and Doors.
For over eighty years Alu-Clad has been one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of windows and front doors in Germany. Their family-owned company still produces windows and doors with the same founding principles for quality and craftsmanship. They produce a full range of wood, wood-aluminium, aluminium, UPVC-aluminium, Passive system windows and front doors.
Lift and slide doors open up a whole new perspective for your living space. With these innovative doors you have the possibility of opening up your living space extensively to the outside, almost silently and very easy to handle. In partnership we focus on tradition, quality engineering and energy efficiency coupled with core values of sustainability and green manufacturing has created a comprehensive range of windows and front doors that bestow luxury and comfort for the discerning customer.

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Wood, the organic renewable raw material of our forests, is still regarded as a gift of nature. Even though significant inroads have been made by advanced materials with highly specialized characteristics, the wood window in all its beauty and versatility cannot be rivalled. Wood has been used for thousands of years in construction. Because of its adaptability and strength, wood enables us to bring the beauty of the forest in our dwellings.



Experience the unique synthesis of nature and technology.
The outer powder-coated aluminium cladding promises to protect your valuable windows against environmental elements like wind and rain. Our windows are built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Inside you will enjoy the wonderful silk-matte finish that feels delicate and polished to the touch.



The timeless and classical window.
Windows made from aluminium offer maximum quality, as well as safety and security. Their classical lines serve the contemporary building style perfectly. High usability even under extreme demand and a trouble free functionality are guaranteed. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to design and color scheme.



The window with two facets
There are windows that show great promise in every aspect: their look, the material they are manufactured from and the multitude of optional extras they can come with. Let the “two facets of a window“ impress and inspire you: UPVC on the inside and aluminium on the outside.


Passive House Windows

Strong windows for maximum demands
New dimensions in comfortable green living. Our Passive House Windows are built with outstanding insulation values, maximizing their energy savings capability. The wood-aluminium and wood systems are equipped with innovative engineered and ecologically friendly solid wood scantlings, with grooved air chambers that do not use insulation foam.


Front Doors

The jewel of your house!
Whether you are seeking a classic, modern or rustic look, the entrance door of a house should reflect the lifestyle and personality of its occupants. An expertly designed front door says as much about you as it does about your house. We will work diligently to customize your door according to your design specifications allowing you complete flexibility on dimensions and colours – after all, the front door is an expression of personal style.

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